Physico-chemical and bacteriological qualitative study of Mediterranean coastal swimming seas


  • Mohammed Fayçal EL-HACHEMI University teacher
  • Merzouk Yamina
  • Gourari Imene
  • Hachemi Kaouter
  • Ayat Mohamed



swimming water, Kristel Beach, Les Andalouses Beach, Pollution, Physico-chemical analysis, Bacteriological analysis, Fecal coliforms, Fecal Streptococci, E. Coli, Oranese coastline


The beaches of Oran are among the busiest in Algeria. However these beaches are exposed to multiple dangers in particular to pollution which poses serious problems and which can also hinder any proper use of the sea.This paper is an assessment of the physico-chemical and bacteriological quality of some beaches where swimming is allowed along the Oranese coast in Algeria, specifically the Kristel Beach and the beach of Les Andalouses seaside resort. Fecal streptococci are normal hosts of the intestine of humans and warm-blooded animals. Research concerning them associated with that of fecal coliforms is a good indication of fecal contamination. Their presence indicates long term contamination of fecal origin while the presence of fecal coliforms indicates a contamination of recent fecal origin. This is why it may become necessary to proceed to the confirmation stage to detect the presence of E. Coli, which is in fact the real indicator sought in this context, through the necessary use of E. Coli specific culture media.The results obtained show a slight difference between the two sites as the beach of Les Andalouses is a bit more polluted compared to that of Kristel. Still, both beaches remain of good quality with regard to national and international standards.






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