Preparation, characterization and antibacterial applications of ZnAl- LDH with the diaminododecylphosphonic acid intercalation


  • Ziani Hanane
  • M’hamed Kaid
  • Ikhou Djamila
  • Abdelkader Ammam
  • D. Villemin



Layered double hydroxides (LDHs) have been widely investigated in a wide range of applications in health, in the pharmaceutical industry and in the material of biotechnology industries. This material can be considered as a group of promising materials in the development of new health applications. The combination of phosphonic acid with LDHs material create a new hybrid material with new properties.In this work the synthesis of Zn/Al double lay-ered hydroxides by chemical co-precipitation method (molar ration 2) and grafted with Diamino Dodecyl Phosphonic Acid (DDPA) via anion-exchange mechanism. The samples were characterized and confirmed by X-ray diffraction (XRD), and the presence of diamino dodecyl phosphonic acid (DDPA ) was verified by Elemental analysis, BET analysis, and infrared spec-troscopy. Both of the samples were found to be showing antibacterial activ-ity. The zone diameters of Zn-Al- LDH were 40 mm and 25 mm for Esche-richia coli(ATCC 25922) and Streptococcus (ATCC 25922)and 20 mm for bacillus (ATCC 25922) whereas the same for hybrid LDH (Zn-Al-DDPA)were43 mm , 32 mm and 25 mm for the same bacteria showing stronger antibacterial activity of the grafted material over the material itself. The experimental results confirm the application of Zn-Al-DDPA in the field of antibacterial activities and may offer a promising antibacterial elucidation to the society.






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