Camel milk modulates α-lactalbumin induced changes in the gut microbiota in a murine model of cow’s milk allergy


  • Narimene Youcef 1. Department of Biology, Faculty of Natural and Live Science University Djillali Liabes Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria
  • Addou Samia
  • Dib Wafaa
  • Benaissa Yamina
  • Kheroua Omar



α-La - Camel milk - BALB /c mice - Enterobacteria - Lactobacilli – Anaerobic bacteria


Camel milk has been noted to have medicinal properties treating allergies, diarrhea, microbial infection and Crohn's disease.The aim of this study is to identify and characterize the intestinal microbiota of BALB/c mice sensitized to α-lactalbumin (α-la) and fed with camel milk. For this, 30 females BALB/c mice aged between 4 and 6 weeks were divided into two groups. The first one designated as control group did not receive any treatment (n=10). The second group (n=20) was immunized intraperitoneally with α-la. On day 35 of sensitization protocol, mice of the second group were divided into two subgroups of 10 mice each. Animals of the first subgroup were sacrificed, whereas, mice of the second subgroup were fed camel milk for one week. In order to analyze the effect of camel milk on α-La-sensitized mice, two studies were carried out: a histological analysis of the jejunal tissues and microbiolo-gical study in the intestine and faeces of mice of different groups. Our results showed that drinking camel milk significantly reduced the alteration of in-testinal epithelium induced by α-la immunization as demonstrated by a signi-ficant increase of villus height (p<0.05). The microbiological results showed a very significant increase in enterobacteria and anaerobic bacteria (1 to 2 log ufc/g) in bacterial flora of mice immunized to α-la. However there was no significant difference in the level of enterobacteriaceae and anaerobic bacte-ria in the faeces of α-la-immunized mice treated with camel milk. In conclu-sion, Camel milk reduced the microscopic lesions caused by α-lasensitization and play an antibacterial role againstpathogenic bacteria in the intestinal mucosa of mice immunized to cow’s milk proteins especially α-la.






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