Corona Virus and Mucormycosis: Indications and Treatment Methodology of Dark Growth in COVID-19 Patients


  • Neetu Kumari
  • Kiran Bamel
  • Prabhavathi Shivaji College, University of Delhi
  • Roopali Pandey
  • Seema Talwar



Mucormycosis, Covid-19, Rhizopus species, Steroids, Immune reaction.


Mucormycosis, usually called dark parasite, is an uncommon yet serious con-tagious contamination brought about by a fungal organism called mu-cormycete, which is abundant in the environment. It primarily influences individuals who have medical issues or take prescriptions that bring down the body's capacity to battle germs and ailments. It is attracting sudden attention as it is diagnosed among Covid-19 patients in certain regions of India. The sickness frequently appears in the skin and furthermore affects sinuses, lungs and brain. Individuals who are infected with COVID-19 virus have compromised immune system and are susceptible to mold contamina-tion. The individuals who were hospitalized with extreme COVID-19 sickness were recommended steroids to treat the corona infection but as a side effect gets diminished immunity that facilitates the spread of black fungus. It is a matter of great concern and the Covid management team has given a warn-ing with respect to this illness. This review is an attempt to understand the fungus as an organism, its pathogenesis, and how it is linked with the covid-19 patients.






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