Accepted Articles

    • Article title: In-vitro screening for Antibacterial activity of Acacia species. AUTHORS: K. K. Chaudhary, Archna Pal, Gautam Kumar, Anusheel Varshney (INDIA)
    • Article title: Phytochemical characterization and antibacterial activity of Eclipta alba  L. against some dental microflora from Mewar region of Rajasthan,India. AUTHORS:N.R. Keer, J. Singh, K. L. Meena (INDIA)
    • Article title: Physicochemical characterization and in vitro antimicrobial activity of chitosan extracted from shrimp shells waste from Beni Saf Sea, Algeria. AUTHORS:Fatma Youcefi  , Ali Riazi , Meriem Mokhtar, Tefiani Choukri and Khaouani Naima (ALGERIA)
    • Article title: Copper nanoparticles together with cold atmospheric plasma improves the growth and physiological indices of Dracocephalum moldavica  in hydroponic system. AUTHORS:Kazhal Haddadian , Alireza Iranbakhsh , Ramazan Ali Khavari-Nejad, Mahmood Ghoranneviss (IRAN)
    •  Article title: Anti-inflammatory properties of the carotenoids and polyphenols of pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata Duchesne). AUTHORS:Bouamar Sarah, Mokhtar Meriem, Bouziane Nabil, Boukazzoula Kamel, Riazi Ali (ALGERIA)