Accepted Articles



1.      Article Title: Nitrate starvation associated with strong light induces astaxanthin accumulation in a new green microalga Haematococcus pluvialis isolated from Algerian freshwater. AUTHORS: Sadoud Meryem, Mokhtar Meriem, Bouamar Sarah, Bouziane Nabil, Belabbas Meryem and Riazi Ali (ALGERIA).

2. Article TitleVariability and genetic structuring of Sitophilus zeamais   according to agroecological zones in Senegal (West of Africa). AUTHORS: Ngagne Demba SARR, Toffène DIOME, Mbacke Sembene (SENEGAL).

3. Article Title:Detection of Pseudomonas syringae pv. Savastanoi, causal agent of olive tuberculosis in two regions of Western Algeria (Ain Témouchent  and Sig). AUTHORS: Benyoub Kheira, Kacem Mourad  and Kaid-Harche Meriem(ALGERIA).

4. Article Title:Impact of cardiovascular risk factors in type 2 diabetics living in Tlemcen and Saida, Western Algeria. AUTHORS: Hayat Didaoui and Yacine Saber  (ALGERIA)

5. Article TitlePhytochemical potential and antioxidant activity of Phaseolus vulgaris .L (Var, Sidi Fredj) in the face of salt stress. AUTHORSLaredj-Zazou Rahmaa, Toumi-Benali Fawziaa, Tifouri Zinebb (ALGERIA)


1.      Article Title: Impact of environments factors in reproductive function: Protective effect of cinnamon against the mercury chloride induced toxicity in female Wistar rats (ovary and brain). AUTHORS: DALI   Ouzna,  ZOUBA Mouad, SEBTI Baghded, MAI Hichem, BOUAZZA Sofiane, DELLAL Abbes, Bekhadda Hadjer, Ferrag Dalila, Benali  A.I., Khalloua Z.C.,   DEMMOUCHE Abbassia (ALGERIA).

2.      Article Title: Climo-edaphic impact on the growth of Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis Mill.) in the reforestation of the Naâma region (South-West Algeria).  AUTHORS: Mebkhouti Samira, Hasnaoui Okkacha, Mejati Nadjat, Brahimi Naima, Benabadji Noury, Ammam Abdelkader (ALGERIA).

3.      Article Title: Evaluation of resistance of rice genotypes (derived from the cross between HKR-127 and IRBB-60) against bacterial blight caused by Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae. AUTHORS: Kirti Mehta*, Nikita Baliyan, Rahul Kumar Meena and Shikha Yashveer (INDIA).

4.      Article Title: Study on molecular identification of lactic acid bacteria from fermented milks and “Smen”( a traditional steppe butter) and their enzyme producing attributes. AUTHORS: Asmaa Labtar, Saliha Larouci, Amel Guermouche, Farid Bensalah (ALGERIA).

5.      Article Title: Evaluation of leaf extracts from Algerian Argania spinosa.L .Skeels. (Sapotaceae) trees: Total phenol content, protein content, and Antibacterial activities against six against clinical phytopathogenic bacteria. AUTHORS: CHERIFI  Fadila and KAID HARCHE Meriem (ALGERIA).