Vol 9, No 6 (2019)

Table of Contents


  • Polyextremotolerant Bacillus cereus groups isolated from Algerian arid ecosystems and bioprospecting for their bioactive compounds
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    Waffa Bouali, Fikrettin Sahin, Nadia Aissaoui, Gonca Altin, Badis Mesli, Binnur Kiratli, Sadik Kalayci, Djamel Eddine Abdelouahid 222-228
  • Study of plant biodiversity in an artificial forest plantation (Pinus halepensis and Cupresus sempervirens) in the region of Sidi bel abbes, Algeria
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    Barka Fatiha, Bouazza Mohamed, Terras Mohamed, Mekki Fatima Zohra, Ammam Abdelkader 229-237
  • Study of the chemical composition, antimicrobial activity of the essen- al oil of Cistus salviifolius from Tissemsilt National Park (Algeria) and influence of the drying period in the shade on the yield of this oil
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    Meharrar Nadjet, Bekada Ahmed Mohamed Ali, Dris Ibrahim, Jacques Dommes, Arabi Abed, Larbi Aek 238-244
  • Study of genetic polymorphism of some populations of Atriplex halimus.L by isoenzymatic markers
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    Reguieg Yssaad Athmen, Hellou Mohammed Medjdoub, Lotmani Brahim 245-248
  • Inoculation with Streptomyces decreases vascular wilt of chickpea infected by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceri
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    Mokhtaria Tlemsani, Zohra Fortas, Soulef Dib, Miloud Bellahcen 249-254
  • Isolation and characterization of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria from Opuntia ficus-indica and their effect on Wheat growth
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    Draou N, Selami N, Karkachi N, Kacem Mourad, Kaid Harche M 255-265