South Asian Journal of Experimental Biology, Vol 7, No 2 (2017)

Aug 11
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Study on relations among increase in blood pressure values, dispersions of the myocardial indicator , body mass index and thickness of the skin-fat layer in 15-17 year old schoolchildren in Baku, Azerbaijan

A. M. Mammadov, A. Kh. Aliyev, G. I. Panahova, A. M. Jafarova


In this study, relationship among arterial pressure (AP), systolic and diastolic pressure (SBP, DBP), heart beat frequency (HBF), dispersions of the myocardial indicator (MI), heart rate indicator (RI) and Body Mass Index (BMI) in schoolchildren of 15-17 years from Baku (Azerbaijan) were investigated. The results revealed that high values of above-mentioned indicators were gener-ally formed in groups with overweight and great distribution of the thickness of skin-fat layer (TSFL) on torso and top parts of the body. Aforementioned changes in these relationships indicate the formation of cardiometabolic syndrome in schoolchildren.

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