South Asian Journal of Experimental Biology, Vol 5, No 2 (2015)

Jul 12
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Genotyping of micromycetes as a biodegradation agents based on the nucleotide sequence analysis of ITS region

A. A. Shegebayeva, G. N. Bissenova, Zh. K. Karmenova, K. G. Li, K. H. Almagambetov



This article presents the results of the molecular genetic analysis of the 12 micromycetes isolates biodegradation agents (MBA) ITS-region nucleotide sequences isolated from building materials and cultural monuments of Astana. In the study of micromycetes-destructors species composition involved in the biodegradation processes of building materials and cultural monuments 3 isolates of A. obovoidea, 2 isolates of A. alternata and one of each isolate of A. tenuissima, A. arborescens, A. infectoria, P. commune, P. corylophilum, P. chrysogenum, S. chartarum were found. The most frequently contami-nating construction materials based on the cellulose, polymer and mineral and cultural monuments in descending order of importance were representatives of fungi of the genera Alternaria spp. (66.6 %), Penicillium spp. (24.9 %), Stachybotrys spp. (8.3 %). The study was carried out in the laboratory of microbiology RSE "Republican Collection of Microorganisms" in the framework of the project G.2013 "Microbiological monitoring of biodegradation of building materials by microscopic fungi, providing mycological security of the living quarters and historical monuments of culture".

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