South Asian Journal of Experimental Biology, Vol 3, No 5 (2013)

Feb 26
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Comparative evaluation of crop productivity and profitability under traditional farming and integrated farming system in Northern plains of India

R. B. Rai, K. Dhama, S. chakraborty, R. A. Ram, Balvir Singh, R. Tiwari, M. Saminathan, T. Damodaran


Agriculture is the mainstream of livelihood security in northern plains of India, however, production of all crops is below expected levels. Various studies have indicated that impact of recent technological innovations is not up to desired levels. The present study was conducted to evaluate profitability of various models in existing and intervened integrated farming system (IFS) along with acceptance of farmers in northern plains of Uttar Pradesh, India. Twenty farmers from each district viz. Barabanki and Raebareli, were monitored with all accessible records. Various interventions in their farming system were made which included new technology of rural poultry production (Model‐1), infertility control, vegetable production using our bio‐enhancer (CSR‐BIO), gladiolus, banana (G‐9 variety), guava (semi‐intensive), goat and awareness about improved composting and quality seeds. The pre‐dominant farming system with 16 families was paddy‐wheat‐fallow with benefit: cost (B: C) ratio of 1.83. This was followed by paddy‐wheat‐green gram‐bovines in 7 families with B: C ratio of 1.66. The highest B: C ratio of 4.78 was observed in model‐R i.e. vegetables cultivations on river bank due to varietal and CSRBIO interventions. The lowest B: C ratio (2.09) in post intervention period was observed in model‐O (guava‐bovine‐vegetables) due to no return from guava in first 2 years. The family annual income in the survey increased significantly. The IFS models, if introduced, are highly useful and uniform acceptance of the components takes time. From the present study, it clearly emerged that IFS gives higher B: C ratio than the existing cropping/ farming system.

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